Dean’s road and airport portfolio ranges from mill and fills to total infrastructure reconstructions. Working as both general and subcontractor, Dean’s has been able to become MDOT pre-qualified in many classifications. 

Northland Drive
Owner: Kent County Road Commission
General Contractor: Michigan Paving & Materials Co.
Year Completed: 2013
Highlights: Full reconstruction of 1.22 miles of Northland Drive between Indian Lakes Ave. and South St. in Cedar Springs MI. Work included installation of storm sewer, earthwork, and recycling of 15,000 square yards of concrete pavement that was reused as aggregate base.  

Paul C. Miller Airport
Owner: Village of Sparta
General Contractor: Dean’s Excavating
Subcontractors: Rieth Riley Construction
Engineer: RS and H
Year Completed: 2011
Highlights: Construction of a 3,800 foot parallel taxi way. Dean’s work included earthwork, aggregate base, storm sewer, and restoration. 

Owner: MDOT
General Contractor: Michigan Paving & Materials Co.
Year Completed: 2014
Highlights: Reconstruction of 3.2 miles of M-82, from Fremont to M-120. Work included storm sewer, box culvert installation, earth work, and aggregate base.